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Moyo seeks to create a global community that identifies and engages issues people care about so faith and justice are understood as integrated approaches to spiritual life. As an interactive website created by The Upper Room and Global Ministries, Moyo invites participants to combine the “being” and “doing” of life.

At Moyo, a person can:

Encounter – Confront issues of global import.
Reflect – Consider how these issues inspire you.
Act – Discover ways to put new insights into action. 

General Information
Our goal is to create a space for community where shared values, beliefs and inner experience inform our choices, priorities and influence across the globe.

This is accomplished through a Guide, which starts with an Encounter, and then gives visitors a choice of a Reflection or Action. Additionally, The Feed, Moyo’s blog-like format, updates visitors on our various topics and other relevant events from around the world.

Moyo is global, for all people interested in spirituality and social justice. We envision our readers to be young adults, including persons of many cultures and ethnic backgrounds. 

Style and Format
We are looking for submissions for Encounters, Reflections, Actions, and The Feed.

Encounter – An experience that introduces specific facets about a Moyo topic or provides a fascinating angle to address that topic. (If written, should be around 300-400 words or less)
Reflection – A reflective, spiritual experience that allows visitors to think more deeply about a Moyo topic and dig more deeply into the Encounter. (If written, 300-400 words or less)
Action – Offers ways for visitors to take the Encounter and Reflection into the “real world.” Offers ways to take action on the issue. Ex: Resources or tools to address the topic in a visitor’s everyday life.
The Feed – A blog-like piece that connects to the topics on the website or to other important global issues. (around 500 words)

We are looking for more than prose writing! We also accept videos, photography, poetry, and other creative experiences for Encounters, Reflections, Actions, or The Feed. Feel free to submit a full Guide.

Submit for a Topic
We make selections based on a list of upcoming topics (see topic list), but we will consider content across all kinds of justice/spirituality issues for future content. If the content is written, please submit it in Word document format to allow for editing. For other types of content (video, photography, etc.), please submit it in an accessible format. Please specify the kind of submission (Encounter, Reflection, Action, or The Feed) in your submission. 

We will notify submitters whose work is or is not accepted for the website. We do not provide monetary compensation, but will credit you and are happy to link to a personal website or provide contact information. 

Copyright Information
We reserve the right to edit the submission but will contact you for approval if the changes are significant. Please review our Terms of Use for more complete submissions/content policy.

Questions? Contact: Lindsay Gray (